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Working with your firm sure made my job easier during our building program. Your attention to detail and level of service is to be commended. In my book, you are tops.

Dr. Joe Wardell, Former Superintendent, Anna ISD

Joe K Bryant Elementary School

Anna ISD

This is the first prototype elementary for a fast growing community. The board members took extra care to ensure that the building would serve the district's current needs while remaining adaptable for the future.

District staff, community members, parents, and teachers all met to discuss the vision and future of the district before the design began. The district wanted a school that would fit in with the community and surrounding neighborhoods. A school that was large enough to address student growth, while maintaining a neighborhood-school feel.

The district also wanted to maximize the outdoor and landscape areas by maintaining a smaller footprint. The result was a two story campus with central courtyard to provide natural light to all classroom and teaching spaces.

The school is named in honor of Josiah Kelly Bryant, who lived from March 28, 1915 - APRIL 4, 1989.   Joe was the son of Nannie Laura Greer Bryant and Dr. William Carson Bryant.  Joe's great grandmother, Emily Jane McKinney Kelly was Collin McKinney's granddaughter.

Joe and his wife, Annabelle lived on this land which is now Joe K. Bryant Elementary.
The school is located on the McKinney family farm, which was part of a large land grant received from the Republic of Mexico in 1830.

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