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Claycomb has been very open and helpful in working to morph the details of our prototype as we find ourselves expanding the footprint and adding features and programs. Supporting the changing face of teaching and learning as it is administered in our schools is something Claycomb is keen to do, and have proven to be willing and able partners in that enterprise.

Rod Walls – Hays CISD, Director of New Construction/Sustainability

Blanco Elementary School


Over five years ago, the Hays CISD contacted us to design a prototype elementary school for their growing community. The architects designed a school that could serve many functions and be adaptable to any site. This elementary is a continuation of that original design, customized to fit the surrounding landscape and community.

The site chosen was within a neighborhood, allowing maximum security for the campus on an open piece of land that also provided inspiring, panoramic views of the outdoors.

Blanco Vista Elementary hosts the District’s Dual Language Magnet program.  Each year the program hosts Las Posadas, a community event featuring over 200 student participants.  For this reason, common space and community use areas were important in this prototype.

Commons finishes such as the ceiling were removed as design elements, resulting in space that is more conducive to large groups.  This decision also lowered maintenance and labor costs for the District.

Areas for learning are built into the design, including breakout areas for teacher collaboration.  Standardized classrooms allow for flexibility of teaching methods.  Bright colors, textures and patterns create an age-appropriate learning environment.   All spaces are wired for network access and other technology based-curriculum needs.

Size: 90,938 sq. ft
Capacity: 800 Students
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