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Claycomb has been very open and helpful in working to morph the details of our prototype as we find ourselves expanding the footprint and adding features and programs. Supporting the changing face of teaching and learning as it is administered in our schools is something Claycomb is keen to do, and have proven to be willing and able partners in that enterprise.

Rod Walls – Hays CISD, Director of New Construction/Sustainability

Camino Real Elementary School


This school is located on and named for the National Historic Trail known as "El Camino Real de los Tejas," a collection of centuries old routes that stretched from northern Mexico to Louisiana.  Because of the site significance, we worked closely with the local historical society to incorporate this important cultural element into the design. 

The school was designed so that the students and teachers could physically connect to their surroundings--past, present, and future.

The floor of the main lobby features a beautiful stained concrete replica of El Camino Real.

The floor plan opens to the surrounding landscape, and the sprawling footprint offers students a direct connection to the physical space and a reminder of their limitless potential, similar to what El Camino Real travelers must have felt centuries before.

To protect the building’s longevity and usefulness, architects chose sustainable design, anti-microbial products, and allowed space for current and future technology needs.

Finally, the exterior brick matched a “trail” color that referenced old Texas of stone, dirt, and sand.  Only local indigenous plants were used on the site.

Size: 90,938 sq. ft
Capacity: 800 Students
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