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Claycomb has been very open and helpful in working to morph the details of our prototype as we find ourselves expanding the footprint and adding features and programs. Supporting the changing face of teaching and learning as it is administered in our schools is something Claycomb is keen to do, and have proven to be willing and able partners in that enterprise.

Rod Walls – Hays CISD, Director of New Construction/Sustainability

Science Hall Elementary School


Science Hall Elementary School celebrates both the old and the new. Opened in 2006, it was the “new” prototype for this fast-growth District. The “old” element is its rich history, beginning in 1876 when a schoolhouse was christened “Science Hall” by its first teacher, Mrs. Willie Andrews.

A few years later, another school was built at the location--a girls’ finishing school known as “Home Institute.”  This school became well-known throughout the state, with students arriving to study French, music, Greek, Latin and German, as well as commercial and basic subjects.

This sort of curriculum, ironically, connects with the current objectives followed by teachers at the “new” Science Hall.  The word “pedagogy” means the art or science of teaching, and refers to the correlation of a teacher’s educational beliefs with the student’s personal background, experience, knowledge and environment.

Science Hall Principal Dr. Angie Nelson is determined to use this method at the school.

“Something that is important to me is that one of our goals is to use 21st Century resources in a pedagogically sound way,” Nelson says. “Another goal is to provide every single student with a science foundation that will be integrated with our reading and math.”

The school is designed in “pods” by grade and separated from public spaces.  Each pod has egress to the building’s exterior for safety, and the pod can be added onto without disrupting the function of school. 

Science Hall Elementary employs the most Level 4 technology proficient teachers in the District, and all spaces have wireless network access to ensure students receive a true 21st Century educational experience.

Size: 86,892 SF
Capacity: 800

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