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Neches Elementary School, Neches ISD

Neches Elementary School

Neches ISD

The Neches Elementary School project gave us a unique challenge to design a modern, community school for 300 students within the District’s economic constraints. 

The campus serves Kindergarten through 8th grade students, but the scope of our work was for the lower grades.  Architects implemented a “school within a school” concept and were able to provide the campus with 14 standard classrooms, 1 Computer lab, 1 Science lab, 1 Media Center, a new food service and dining area with a performance platform, administration and support areas, and a new front secure entrance with student canopy.

All spaces are accented with bright colors and interesting finishes.  Ample daylighting provides the best light environment for students and offers maintenance savings costs to the District.  The school has a durable brick veneer exterior finish to serve the students and community of Neches ISD for years to come.

Size: 31,758 SF
Capacity: 300

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