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The administration, board of trustees, campus administrators, and coaching staff met to discuss the optimum arrangement for the facilities.  The shared use and the ability to open sections of the complex is an important factor in the development of the design.  The school district also wanted a facility that would serve the community for years.  The site was already a part of the school district and located between three other school facilities.

Springtown Elementary School, Springtown ISD

Goshen Creek Elementary School

Springtown ISD

By refining an existing design, the District was able to alleviate overcrowding more quickly, speed up construction time, and save on overall design costs.  Situating the campus between two existing schools requires less travel time for bus and parent traffic, and the addition of a connection drive fosters site accessibility and gets cars off the highway for greater safety.

The site dictated the need for a compact design, but it also allowed for an engaging, yet functional learning space.  All classroom windows are east or west facing to ensure sun harvesting.  Minimal window penetrations on the south side allow natural light into the gymnasium and cafetorium.  Classroom wings wrap around the media center, and a north facing curtain wall window ensures transparency and authentic connection. 

Classroom wings are organized by grade level to promote collaborative learning.  Initial concerns over a 2-story design led to the creation of a color identification system that helps young students and campus visitors orient themselves.  Vibrant colors on the walls and the floors also leverage the District’s brand.

The philosophy at this campus emphasizes community partnerships.  For this reason, a parent liaison room was created and incorporated into the design as a space to organize and facilitate volunteerism.  It is equipped with all power and data capabilities similar to a classroom.  It can double as another music room, training room, conference room, or extra classroom if needed in the future.

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