Bond Passage Support

Campaign assistance for election success

Bond Passage Support

As part of our value-added services, Claycomb Associates provides bond passage support at no extra charge to our clients.

To best serve your needs, we staff a team of dedicated educational professionals whose primary role is bond issue support.

Our high success rate is a result of years of experience in all size districts, all over the state, and for all types of projects.  This experience gives us a strong working knowledge of articulating facility needs in creative ways.

We recognize that all districts are unique and all bond elections are unique, so we customize our campaign approach based on your community.

Key elements to our bond success include:

  • Organizational Support: We create a game plan and time table.  We provide training on effective campaign practices and can suggest an election strategy that make sense for your voting population.
  • Concurrent Campaign Coordination: We work with you on an information campaign and facilitate the creation of a political action committee.  Both campaigns complement and build on each other to make sure your voters are fully informed.
  • Campaign Coaching: We facilitate Political Action Committees to keep them on track, train them on voter engagement, and build grassroots support for your building program.
  • Campaign Messaging: Working with you, we develop concise and effective campaign messages that resonate with your voters.  Then, we train you and your PAC to deliver these messages over multiple formats.
  • Informational Materials: We develop factual information sheets, concept graphics, and other printed materials to help your citizenry visualize your proposed facility improvements.  Although our firm is large enough to produce these materials in-house, we can also take an advisory role if your district prefers to take the lead on this task.
  • Bond Information Website: If you don’t have an in-District Webmaster, we have web developers who can create a bond information website for your district.
  • Promotional Materials: As part of the advocacy campaign, we can design campaign collateral to help the PAC build bond support.  This includes, but is not limited to push cards, yard signs, stickers, posters, social media engagement, and special event planning.
  • Digital Media Tactics: We are excited to offer an array of digital media tactics that can be utilized for sharing bond information by a school district or for communicating advocacy messages by a political action committee.   These tactics are cost effective, timely, and can be specifically targeted to your voters.