Pre-design and planning for project success


Our pre-design services include everything you need to create a plan that will provide your students with a sound educational environment.

Pre-design starts with having relevant planning data.  Claycomb provides the technical information you need to make the best facility decisions for your school district.

A comprehensive Facility Assessment is the first step.  Our team will gather background information and visit your schools, rating your campuses on the following:

  • School Site
  • Structural and mechanical features
  • Plant maintainability
  • Safety and security
  • Educational adequacy
  • Environment for Education
We also meet with District personnel to collect anecdotal data.  All assessment information will be tabulated and combined into a user-friendly deliverable.

Second, through interactive workshops with key personnel, we use the Facility Assessment to help you establish a Long Range Facility Plan.  This plan includes:

  • Appropriate facility capacities, utilization levels, and school size
  • Enrollment triggers to keep up with population changes and program needs
  • When to modernize older schools based on cost efficiencies
  • Analyzing sites for optimum use and feasibility
  • Cost estimates and budgets

With all the technical data compiled, you are ready to start Bond Planning.  We have extensive experience facilitating stakeholder meetings and can help you organize your planning committee.

Claycomb has developed a collaborative bond planning process that guides stakeholders step-by-step though a variety of activities.  This process can be tailored to fit your schedule and timing needs.

Our bond planning assistance includes:

  • Generating schedules, meeting agendas, and developing meeting protocol
  • Creating presentation graphics
  • Documenting Committee progress
  • Reviewing historical data
  • Assisting the Committee in prioritizing projects
  • Offering technical guidance regarding costs and scheduling

Our team of experts can guide your stakeholders through the bond planning process, ensuring they have input and creating buy-in for your facility improvement plans.